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Bridal Beauty Countdown

You have gotten the fancy wedding ring you always wanted, your gorgeous wedding dress, and the perfect venue. With all the planning and excitement that comes with a wedding, you can forget to build your beauty routine to get the glowing skin, gorgeous hair, and killer makeup you want on your big day. We would love to help you figure all this out, with a bridal beauty month by month countdown to your big day.

Six To Twelve Months
  • Start to research about hair and makeup ideas on Pinterest and Google, so when you are ready for your trial, you have a good idea of what look you want.
  • Visit your dermatologist if you have skin concerns like acne or just want glowing skin so that he can prescribe a treatment or daily beauty routine for you quite early.
  • Buy a package of facials and get regular facials each month to help keep pores clear.
  • Use sunscreen every day, preferably a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen, so you don't end up with uneven splotches of pigment on the skin for your wedding.
  • If you want to be fuzz-free for your wedding, start a laser hair removal, at least five of them, 4 to 6 weeks apart.
Four To Six Months
  • If you want to tackle large pores, dark spots, fine lines, or uneven texture, it's the best time to start your laser treatments and light peels to brighten your skin.
  • Prime your hair for maximum growth with deep-conditioning treatments and laying off heat styling over the next few months.
Three Months
  • Get a manicure and pedicure regularly (once a week for fingers, once every three weeks for toes) to whip your nails into shape.
  • Do your hair trail and pick out at least two options you love.
  • Let a professional groom your brows.
Two Months Out
  • Do your makeup trial and decide on the look you want the most. This also gives you enough time to find new stylists if you are not satisfied with the previous ones.
  • Take a lot of photos throughout the day so you can see how your makeup and everything looks under various types of light and from every single angle.
  • You can try out a new hair color too.
One Month Out
  • Schedule with your dermatologist for gentle exfoliation, like a light chemical peel or a gentle laser treatment.
  • Give your self-tanner a test run. If you're planning to get a spray tan for the wedding, try it out now.
One Week Out
  • Color your hair. One week will leave time to color-correct your hair if needed.
  • Pack a hands-on beauty kit with essentials like lipstick, compact powder, blotting papers and bobby pins.
  • Get your (gel) nails done. A gel manicure and pedicure one week prior guarantees shiny, chip-free nails.
Last Minute
  • Shampoo and style your hair.
  • Get a massage to calm your nerves and give you some healthy glow.
  • Go easy on alcohol, get enough sleep, drink lots of water, and stay away from salty foods to avoid a swollen face.
  • Allow yourself to relax really. Take a few minutes’ walk, relax in a bubble bath, do anything to de-stress your mind and body.

Makeup Tips Every Bride To Be Should Know

Every bride wants their wedding to be perfect. Everything from the food, music, decor and your makeup you make an extra effort to ensure it is done perfectly. You are going to be most photographed on your wedding day, so you want your makeup to be perfect too, so you look stunning in all your pictures. To have the wedding of your dreams and the flawless makeup you deserve, here are some makeup tips you should definitely know.

Schedule A Makeup Trial

Fix a makeup trial with your makeup artist at least three weeks before your wedding. To make the trial effective as possible, give her an idea of what you want your makeup to look like on your wedding day. It is important that you try out different looks with your makeup artist so you can decide what makeup best suits you, makes you more confident and will last for longer. Also, wear a white shirt to your trial, so you can see what your makeup looks like when you wear your dress.

Waterproof Your Makeup

Your wedding is your special day, you are finally getting married to the love of your life, there's bound to be a lot of emotions building up and you tearing up often. So be prepared. Waterproof everything, wear waterproof mascara and also make sure you wear a waterproof eyeliner, so if you happen to tear up, there will be no smudging or streaks. Your makeup will look flawless all night with waterproof makeup.

Wear false lashes

A makeup artist would probably recommend that every bride wear some false lashes, whether you’re the natural bride, glam bride, or anything in between. Different types of lashes are available out there to match your personality, look and personal style, including strips, individuals, or lash extensions. False lashes give your eyes a more finished look, and they look extra-amazing in photos when you open your eyes. Ensure that you try out your false lashes before the big day, so you get a feel of it and the style you prefer.

Apply Your Foundation with a Sponge or Brush

Certain foundations work better when used together with a sponge or brush. Make sure that you use either a sponge or a brush and never your fingers. It's best that you touch your face with your fingers less so the bacteria and dirt that build up in them aren't left behind on your face. Your fingers can leave behind fingerprints on your face too, so the look isn't as smooth and finished-looking. When using a sponge, apply foundation by stippling the sponge, not swiping it across the skin. This gives your foundation a more natural look and blends it more evenly into the skin.

Keep A Hands-on Beauty Kit With You

Even if you have the best makeup artist, anything can still happen on your big day, your makeup might get smudged, or you need a touchup. Carry a hands-on beauty kit with a bit of all the actual makeup that you will need. A "must-have" is your lipstick, blotting papers and a pressed powder in a compact.

Important Questions You Should Ask A Makeup Artist

If the idea of putting on any type of makeup makes your handshake, or get you easy, then you definitely have to hire a professional to do your makeup for you. From highlighting and contouring to dark bold lipstick and the smoky eyes, picking the right choice of makeup to wear for your wedding or a birthday party can be pretty exhausting if you aren't an expert on makeup. But finding the perfect makeup artist is also challenging, there's more to a makeup artist than just makeup, a makeup artist should be able to match your style, personality, and be someone who you are comfortable with. Here are important questions you should ask when working with a makeup artist.

Do you have a portfolio of your work I can look at?

Before you hire any makeup artist or begin to sign those cheques, request for a portfolio to look through their past works, whether it’s a traditional portfolio or their Instagram page. This helps you get a feel of their personal style, an idea of what they can do and the looks they specialize in.

Can We Do A Makeup Trial?

The trial is where you should communicate all the details of your bid day with your makeup artist. Include details to help your makeup artist see how your hair will be, the theme of your wedding, Ho light or heavy your lipstick or foundation should be and your color preferences. The makeup trial should be more about you getting to know one another, taking suggestions from your makeup artist and making sure your makeup artist is someone you will be comfortable having around in the morning.

What Brand Of Makeup Do You Use?

This is an important question if your skin is sensitive skin to some makeup products, or if you prefer natural makeup to conventional ones. Find out what products and brands your makeup artist wants to work with, so your face doesn't blow up on your day. I would recommend that you choose well-known brands as opposed to using brands you know nothing about.

How Long Will The Makeup Take?

It is essential that you find out the timings and how long a makeup session will take, or how long it would take to do makeup for one person. It’s important to work out your time frame for the day so both you and your artist would know when you need to start, and when you have to be ready. Most makeup artists take up to 25-35 minutes while others take an hour. Make sure you’re clear on how long your makeup artist will take before you decide she would do the makeup for the day.

Will You Be Available To Travel?

If you are having your event in a different city, it's best to find out if your makeup artist is comfortable with hopping onto a plane with you. Due to other obligations and clients, most makeup artists won't be able to travel to wherever your event is. To skip the trouble and cost of travel, look for another makeup artist who already resides in or around your event's location.

Tips For A Glowing Wedding Skin

A wedding day is a special day for every woman, a day which happens only once in a lifetime. The excitement that comes with having your wedding is something close to how any woman felt when they first grew breasts. Every woman wants to look overwhelming beautiful on her wedding day, and everyone also expects a bride to be overwhelming beautiful on her wedding day. With the months spent planning your wedding and checking every little detail, there's usually a build-up of stress and sleep deprivation, which we often forget to take care of our skin. You should start the beautification process for your skin a month before your wedding. To have healthy and glowing skin on your wedding day, which will definitely enhance your beauty, here are some helpful tips:

A Change In Your Diet

The anti-inflammatory diet is composed of food and beverages that help you maintain normal levels of insulin and blood sugar. You should follow this diet and high-quality proteins, like fish, shellfish, poultry, and tofu. Taking fish oil supplements, salmon, halibut, trout and other cold water fish gives your skin a radiant glow. Stick to low-glycemic carbohydrates such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Eat healthy fats, such as nuts, seeds, and olive oil and drink antioxidant-rich beverages like as green tea.

Put In More Beauty Sleep

Organizing a wedding isn't exactly an easy thing to do, you end being stressed out and sleep deprived. While it's almost impossible to sleep well few months to your wedding, you can take short naps at least thrice in a week, plan lazy weekends and try to go out less often. Your beauty treatments will work, and your skin stay glowing if you have a good 8 hours of sleep.

Drink Water

Drinking 6-8 glasses of water every day, helps you stay hydrated, maintain moisture in the body, naturally suppress the appetite and help the body metabolize stored fat. Increasing your water intake also helps you to lose a little fat in your body.

Moisturizing Often

For a fully hydrated, soft and healthy skin, ensure that you moisturize with a good lotion or cream at least twice a day. To have a well-nourished skin, look out for ingredients like Vitamin E and use a nourishing moisturizer all over your body so that you can lose a little weight before your wedding. Remember weight fluctuations can lead to stretch marks, and that's definitely not good, is it?


Exfoliating is an important step; it allows your skin to glow and improves the texture of your skin. Regular exfoliating helps to combat dull-looking skin; it gets rid of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As we age, or if we are stressed, our skin’s ability to shed these cells slows down, and exfoliation only helps boost the process. Also, your bridal-makeup and foundation won't look perfect or glow without a smooth, exfoliated base.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Each time you use your blush with a dirty brush, you add a layer of acne-causing bacteria to your skin. Shampoo your makeup brushes, rinse and hang to air-dry with the bristles facing down.

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Dedicate yourself to
Better Eating

The biggest way you can make a difference in your skin care is by eating smartly. We know it can be hard but it is really true that what you eat ends up being what appears on your face. The last thing you want is an acne break-out and oily skin. Therefore, limit and/or avoid entirely food items that are high in sugar, high in sodium, or that are processed, such as processed meats.

Instead, focus on green vegetables, fruits, and regular drinking of water. Skin-wise, a diet like this is going to slowly clear up your skin and create stronger elasticity in time. Know that if you start on Monday, it’s not going to clear everything up by Tuesday but in a few months’ time, you will notice a difference.

Ready, Camera, Action!

The last reason that we want to give to demonstrate how important it is to ensure your makeup is done professionally on your wedding day is in preparing your face for the camera. A makeup artist will know how to contour properly, ensuring you are well set for any photography. Any problems that could occur with appearing an unusual color, shiny, underdone, or overdone is resolved with someone there who has experience working with these common concerns.

When you consider all of these reasons to why you should hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding, it should become clear that it’s a way better choice than trying to go it alone. For a day when there’s a lot of think about, don’t let makeup application be one of them. Give the responsibility to someone else and put the focus on getting as much joy as is possible from this occasion. If it’s meant to be, you won’t be back at the altar again. Take the time to really soak it in!

No stress

A professional makeup artist experienced with weddings can provide additional tips in how to keep your makeup looking good and will know the application techniques required to have you looking your best. Unless you yourself are a professional makeup artist with the subsequent training associated with this role, you may in fact not be getting the best result with your application. Hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding provides some extra re-assurance.

Proper Application

A professional makeup artist experienced with weddings can provide additional tips in how to keep your makeup looking good and will know the application techniques required to have you looking your best. Unless you yourself are a professional makeup artist with the subsequent training associated with this role, you may in fact not be getting the best result with your application. Hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding provides some extra re-assurance.

Skin Care Tips to keep
in Mind Leading up to
your Wedding Day

Naturally, you want to present your most beautiful self on your wedding day. Though yes the pressure’s on, there’s no need to get stressed about it. By getting started early and being prepared for what may come, you can ensure that you’re presenting your best appearance on the big day!
It is important to plan out a beauty routine for your wedding day and to invest the time in preparing even months ahead of time. Skin care is a big part of any wedding beauty routine and so here’s what we recommend you start with.

Exercise is Important

We bet you didn’t think you’d be hearing about these type of things on a skin care list but it’s important! By getting out and engaging in cardio activity, you will see your skin tighten and begin to detoxify as well. By lifting weights, you can help tone up troublesome areas of your skin and body.

Why you Should hire a
Professional Makeup Artist
for your Wedding Day

To look your best, sometimes you need to depend on the help of others. A wedding can be a huge challenge to pull off and on a day when every bride should be focusing solely on themselves, sometimes they end up pulled towards just trying to get thingsright.In your wedding photos and videos, the way you look is going to be forever remembered. By hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day, you ensure that you present your absolute best self. If this is not something you’ve considered, here’s why we think you should.

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Access to high quality products

Professional makeup artists on your wedding day will come equipped with high-class products designed to be worn for such occasions. Even better, they know how to use these products to get you looking amazing so that you won’t need to worry about how you’ll look in pictures.

Same Day Wedding Makeup

More accurate color

Professional makeup artists can provide an alternative perspective and thorough expertise on selecting the right colors for your wedding makeup. Be it the right eye-shadows, lip color, or foundation, an artist will be able to consult with you on the right color palette.

Cover up Problematic Areas

We all have blemished and sometimes, our makeup application only goes so far in covering that up. For your wedding, a professional makeup artist may be able to teach you new techniques or may have products to help better disguise these troublesome facial regions.

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Professional makeup artists on your wedding day will come equipped with high-class products designed to be worn for such occasions. Even better, they know how to use these products to get you looking amazing so that you won’t need to worry about how you’ll look in pictures.

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Undergo Weekly Facial
Skin Care Routines

Ensure that you exfoliate every week. This will help keep things smooth and ready for makeup application. Also, consider adding some sort of hydrating serum. Apply it daily before makeup to help cure some of those fine lines that may appear here and there.

Apply Lip Balm on your Lips

Focusing on the lips should be a part of any skin care routine. Every night before bed, apply some lip balm or some Vaseline to the lips. Applying it gently with circular motions using a wet cloth, this will help exfoliate and soften your lips in the lead-up to the wedding.

Treat Dry Skin Spots

Skin care counts for the whole body. Consider using a high-end body scrub regularly to get rid of dry skin. For particularly troublesome spots, consider using an almond-based lotion or shea butter post-shower.

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Consider Hair Removal

Monthly waves to remove peach fuzz and any other unwanted body hair, as needed, is a great way to keep your skin feeling silky smooth in all the right places.

Have a Skin Care Bag
ready for your

There’s always going to be unexpected skin care issues and your wedding day will be no different. Have all your products there and know that whatever presents itself, you’re ready to fix it instantly.

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